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How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You More and Find a Husband In Him

By | December 19th, 2012|Anxiety therapy, Dating, Intimacy|

On the return flight home from her long autumn trip to Singapore twenty-nine year old artistic director Jody was longing to see her thirty-three year old boyfriend Mike again. She imagined him sweeping her up in his arms, telling her how much he missed her and asking her to marry him as they embraced at the airport. But Mike was at the launch of the new magazine he was editing. He invited her to join him when they touched bases but she wanted him to come to her and refused his offer.

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Should You Leave Your Partner or Stay Hoping They Will Love You One Day!

By | December 15th, 2012|Anxiety therapy, Breakups and Separation, Intimacy, relationship issues|

Do you go through periods when you give up on your relationship and decide to leave your partner? But then are you pulled back with the hope that your partner will change? Perhaps you think that if you try one more time, a little harder that then your partner will love you back? You do everything you can to deal with that desperate feeling of "how can I get my spouse/partner to love me?" You give it all you have got but you don't get anything lasting back, so you wonder "how do I leave my relationship when I still love my partner?" You are left with a terrible dilemma: how to you deal with the idea of a breakup of a relationship that you wish would work? This video gives you relationship advice that helps you get off that cliff of despair.

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Save Your Marriage By Letting In Your Partner’s Support

By | December 12th, 2012|Anxiety therapy, Communication Problems, Intimacy, relationship issues, Uncategorized|

On top of a grueling day at work dealing with a staff shortage and patient crises, thirty-three year old physician Phil felt another load heaped on him as soon as he got home. His twenty-eight year old wife Melissa demanded he take care of the dogs and bring in the heavy shopping items while she got ready for her night shift at the hospital where she was acting charge nurse. He had driven home with the weighty concern that he had given a patient the wrong medication in all the chaos of the day. His anxiety levels shot up as he started to imagine being sued, let go from the clinic and having his medical license revoked. He felt like a slave to the pressure put on him by Melissa’s trivial needs compared to the terror he was experiencing in relation to the seriousness of his situation.

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How To Trust In Relationships

By | December 8th, 2012|Anxiety therapy, Intimacy|

Do you have trouble trusting your partner even though they are committed and loyal? Are you always on the look out for signs of deception and betrayal? Is it hard for you to trust in your relationship because you can't believe that anyone could really want you for yourself? Perhaps you have had bad experiences where you felt like someones toy while they were waiting for the real thing to come along. Maybe you have been rejected and lost hope that you get a good looking, smart person to be attracted to you and choose to stay in the relationship. All these hurtful experiences stopped you from learning how to trust in relationships.

Work on anger issues to help your relationships

By | December 7th, 2012|Anger Management Counseling|

Are you angry about having to do all the work in your relationship? Do you feel like protesting against always having to take the initiative? Perhaps the only way to protest is to shut down and hope your partner will miss you enough to bring you back to life. But it doesn't work, so you get even more angry and you get told that you have anger issues that you need to get fixed. You are told that you need to go to anger management and that you really need to learn to control your anger. But you feel justified in your anger. You just can't take one more step towards working in the relationship and letting your partner get away with not doing anything.

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Solving The Hurt Of Family Problems

By | December 3rd, 2012|Anxiety therapy, Family Counseing, Family of Origin Counseling, relationship issues|

Do you feel like your family members don't care about you the way you care about them? Are you always wondering whether you matter to your spouse, your mother, your father or a sibling? Then you must be in a constant state of anger and sadness that you do everything you can to prove your love and commitment but are left hanging when it comes to getting the same back from them. Perhaps you hear complaints about the caring not being sufficient or good enough during family conflicts.

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Save Your Marriage With Impactful Communications

By | December 1st, 2012|Anxiety therapy, Communication Issues, Communication Problems, Intimacy|

Is it getting harder and harder for you to talk to your spouse? Are your moments together filled so much tension that you can't even sit next to your partner any more? Does it feel like you just can't do anything to save your marriage? You can save your marriage if you get past your fear of communicating what you feel without anticipating being dissed.

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