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aim20for20trust - How To Trust In Relationships


Do you have trouble trusting your partner even though they are committed and loyal?

Are you always on the look out for signs of deception and betrayal?

Is it hard for you to trust in your relationship because you can’t believe that anyone could really want you for yourself?

Perhaps you have had bad experiences where you felt like someone’s toy while they were waiting for the real thing to come along.

Maybe you have been rejected and lost hope that you could get a good looking, smart person to be attracted to you and choose to stay in the relationship.

All these hurtful experiences stopped you from learning how to trust in relationships.

It makes you feel insecure in relationships because you can’t relax and trust that relationships will be nurturing and reliable.

This video tells the story of someone just like you who was constantly suspicious of her gorgeous partner and kept expecting him to deceive and reject her. Her lack of trust almost drove him away until she came for counseling to learn how to trust in relationships.

Learn how I helped her in therapy to build trust in relationships, saving her connection with a good guy and proving that not everyone in close relationships sets out to hurt, reject and betray.




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