Are You Longing And Ready For A Meaningful Relationship That Empowers You Toward Fulfillment?

close up purple bloomsAs a human being, you are hard-wired to thrive in relationships that are reliable, trustworthy and consistent. This trifecta creates a safe and open connection that is energizing, validating and vital for positive self-esteem and self-worth. Secure relationships give you the foundation to learn, grow and fulfill your unique and precious potential while enjoying the company of others.

But, many of your significant relationships may have made you feel insecure, scared or mistrustful. You may have difficulty creating and sustaining healthy connections that could be satisfying in the future. Perhaps you grew up in a family where it was not safe to express yourself freely, and where love and care was conditional on you pleasing others. Most likely you follow your family’s path long stalk of double pink bloomsunknowingly, impeding the quality of relationships in your adult life. Maybe you are wondering whether to break up with a loved one, but fear being alone. You might be stressed, disappointed, anxious, angry and or depressed. Or, you could be stuck in a rut, unable to shift to a more fluid and comfortable place. The good news is that whether you are struggling within a current relationship or trying to find and foster a relationship with a suitable partner, I can help.

For more than three decades, I have been helping couples, individuals and families work through past and current relationship problems, better understanding themselves and their experiences. With my guidance, clients have developed the skills and insights needed to make sustainable, effective, positive changes in their lives. I offer high quality, insightful and compassionate care. I am gently direct and can help you understand and process past pain, better manage challenging issues and create intimacy and comfort in your relationships. I will also give you the permission, encouragement, guidance and support needed to live an empowered life that is in alignment with your needs and values.

If you’re considering couples or individual therapy, I invite you to call my office at 310-985-2491 to schedule an appointment. I offer face-to-face psychotherapy in my LA office or global relationship coaching if you live outside of Los Angeles. Your wellbeing is an investment that matters.

Client Experiences

” I used to have heart pounding chaotic moments. With your help I’m gaining a sense of myself, not just a piece here and there, but the whole. I no longer experience the terrifying loss of not knowing who I am in a given moment. I’m healthier now than I have ever been. I feel emotionally stable instead of in denial of my feelings or even completely oblivious of them. I no longer dread feelings that I feel when I meet up with you. I welcome the opportunity to understand myself. FOR THE FIRST TIME, I FEEL LOVE FOR MYSELF – OF SELF ACCEPTANCE. I’m trying things I only dreamed of trying in the past and experienced incredible volumes of joy!

You have held me and all my scattered pieces. You have given me the structure and nurture that I needed. At times when I could not find the words, you helped me form them. You’ve accepted me and brought me up, helping me to feel safe and secure. You have shown me what it is to be a good parent. You always give me the freedom to chose, and you help me make sense out of my choices.”

Female (mid 40s)