Anger and Stress Management Tips for Satisfying Relationships by Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

Are you angry about having to do all the work in your relationship?

Do you feel like protesting against always having to take the initiative?

Perhaps the only way to protest is to shut down and hope your partner  will miss you enough to bring you back to life.

But it doesn't work, so you get even more angry and you get told that you have anger issues that you need to get fixed.

You are told that you need to go to anger management and that you really need to learn to control your anger.

But you feel justified in your anger.

You just can't take one more step towards working in the relationship and letting your partner get away with not doing anything.

That's exactly how a client of mine felt until he came to anger management therapy and learned to distinguish between 'work' in a relationship and getting his needs met so that his relationship felt nourishing and satisfying.

Watch this video and get a jump start on your relationship problems by following the advice I gave him.




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