Are You Overwhelmed, Intrigued By Or Worried About Strange And Disturbing Dreams?

woman waking up from scary dream 300x200 - Dream AnalysisAre you having dreams that make you feel scared, confused and worried? Do you often wonder what is going on in your unconscious that gives you such strange and uncomfortable feelings? Maybe certain dreams make you feel a little bit unbalanced and unfocused as you try to get through your daily routines. Perhaps you carry a knot in the pit of your stomach, wishing you could figure out the meanings of dreams.

It might be that you’ve had a recurring dream since childhood that haunts you even now. Are you wondering why this dream keeps coming back over and over again? Do you wonder if it’s a message that you are supposed to understand, but can’t make head nor tail of? Perhaps the recurring dream or dreams have begun to absorb your thoughts.

You might be searching for a definitive answer that can explain dream symbols, but feel disappointed when dream interpretation dictionaries or websites don’t really help you in your current situation or phase of life. Perhaps you have tried to get some understanding from psychics or religious texts, but feel left with only fragmentary information, not knowing how to apply it to your personal situation.

It might be that you have scary dreams about death, chaos, disruption and destruction, and you wake up feeling helpless, anxious, alert and on guard. The lack of control you have over your dreams and the dread you experience as you go to sleep each night may be causing increased stress and impacting many aspects of your life. Maybe you’re afraid to tell family or friends because you feel the dreams reflect a ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’ part of you, yet you feel increasingly nervous, isolated and alone. Do you wish you could understand your dreams and feel comfortable rather than threatened by their messages?

Understanding Dreams

Dreams are normal experiences that occur several times a night. While you probably don’t remember most dreams, disturbing dreams that stir up fear, danger, loss, despair, helplessness or rage can wake you up soaked in sweat with intense feelings and a racing heart. Your dreams are personal to you and are about your personal life, which is why books, dictionaries and manuals are of little help. They cannot help you connect the dots and make meaning of your dream experience.

Holding on for dear life night time scene 300x180 - Dream AnalysisSometimes dreams are long stories; other times, they are mere fragments that carry a huge punch. Usually dreams make no sense, and mix up your past, present and future. For instance, someone you have no contact with may suddenly appear in a dream and/or you might do or say things that don’t fit with the person you are. This is the stuff of dreams, and all dreams have significance.

As the dreamer, you are being given messages from your unconscious that can help you take notice of important conflicts in your current life. Often these issues feel too big and unwieldy to face in your waking life. However, your unconscious knows when you are ready to deal with them and provides the impetus needed to do so. The unconscious will give you a sign of readiness through your dreams, but the message comes in a complicated code. Dream translation needs to be done with another observer. An experienced psychologist with a specialty in dream interpretation can step into the dream with you, help you place it in the context of your immediate situation and decode the meanings of dreams.

Dream Analysis Therapy Can Provide You With Important Insights, Healing And Relief

Your dreams can help you make momentous decisions about your romantic life, career, health, and your relationships with estranged or close family members that impact your life. If you’re carrying around fears, guilt, shame or torn loyalties that need to be processed and dealt with, an experienced, intuitive and skilled dream analyst and therapist can help. It is possible to make sense of your experience in the context of your dreams, take the burden off and be at peace with yourself.

As a psychologist who is specifically trained in dream interpretation, I can help you extract the essence of the dream message within the context of your struggles, phase of life and the conflicts that keep coming up. In partnership with you, we can explore any unfinished business from your past that is keeping you feeling trapped and/or unable to move forward with your life. It’s possible that you are blaming yourself or someone else for something that needs resolution. Maybe you need to grieve and let go, but haven’t been able to do so.

what are you denying 200x300 - Dream AnalysisWhen you bring a dream or set of dreams into dream therapy, I listen carefully to the words you use to tell me about the dream. I’ll ask you what thoughts, emotions and memories come up as you share the dream. Together, we’ll explore how the dream may reflect something important going on in your current life, which wasn’t on your radar before. As we listen together with respect and receive the messages that are pertinent to your life situation, you can become aware of the costs and consequences of how you are living life. Your dreams may inform you of leaning too far one way or another; for example, a dream might indicate that you are pushing for career promotion at the expense of your love life. As we uncover the meaning of a specific dream or series of dreams, you can use that knowledge to deal with past, current and ongoing issues in new, empowering and informed ways. And, throughout the dream therapy process, I’ll help you get in touch with your personal strengths and the capabilities that your dream symbols and images reflect.

Your dreams come from your own personal healer—your unconscious—that is there to guide you toward health and wellbeing. With the help of a skilled dream counselor and your willingness to explore, it is possible for the meaning of your dreams to emerge. Your dreams can inform the places in your life that need clarity and/or healing so you can move forward and experience a happier, lighter way of being.

You may want to discover the meaning of dreams, but still have questions or concerns about dream analysis psychology…

What if I discover that there is something wrong with my mental health?

It’s understandable that you are scared, yet the reality is that your dream is giving you a big nudge that something of value needs to be unveiled. A skilled psychotherapist trained in dream interpretation can support and prepare you to deal with the implications. This is your chance to heal the wounds that are standing in your way of living a full, happy life. And, while there is something wrong, it’s not with you. Rather, your dream is the vehicle to expose what is wrong so you can deal with it and move forward.

It’s just a dream! It’s not real, and I don’t need to spend money and time trying to figure it out.

Dreams are real. Your brain experiences the same things while dreaming— pain, fear, excitement, activity and frustrations—as it does when you are awake. The only difference is that you are immobile. The meanings of your dreams provide nourishment and nurturing that comes from your internal healer. And, the investment of time and money spent uncovering the wisdom coming through your dreams can help you gain clarity, confidence and resolve current and longstanding issues.

What if I don’t like what the dream seems to be suggesting?

It’s entirely possible that you may be uncomfortable with the interpretations we come up with, however, without frustration and discomfort, there is no incentive to do anything about your issues. Dreams are supposed to give you a prod so that you come unstuck, take preventive actions to ensure your safety and process emotions that keep you knotted up. In 25 years of experience, I’ve seen many clients experience relief and comfort when they take their dreams seriously after the initial discomfort and confusion has passed. Uncovering the meaning of your dreams can set you on track and provide you with purpose and determination.

Unlock Your Internal Healer and Uncover the Meaning of Your Dreams

I invite you to take the next step and call my office in Los Angeles at 310-985-2491 to schedule an initial appointment. I offer worldwide coaching on understanding dreams via telehealth services and dream analysis therapy and dream interpretation in California. Your happiness and health are well worth investing in.