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how20do20I20get20out20of20this20jam28129 - Should You Leave Your Partner or Stay Hoping They Will Love You One Day!

Do you go through periods when you give up on your relationship and decide to leave your partner?

But then are you pulled back with the hope that your partner will change?

Perhaps you think  that if you try one more time, a little harder that then your partner will love you back?

May be you do everything you can to deal with that desperate feeling of “how can I get my spouse/partner to love me?”

You give it all you have got but  you don’t get anything lasting back, so you wonder “how do I leave my relationship when I still love my partner?”

You are left with a terrible dilemma: how to you deal with the idea of a breakup of a relationship that you wish would work?

This video gives you relationship advice that helps you get off that cliff of despair.

Learn how to focus on yourself instead of trying to make your partner love you, and watch how your things will turn out exactly the way you want.

Instead of grappling with the impossible choice of staying or leaving, just follow the relationship advice in the video based on my years of professional experience  as a psychologist, psychotherapist  and relationship counselor, dealing with this very problem and you will find relief from your conflict, and get some love back.



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