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stunned%20at%20partner's%20audacity - How To Deal With a Loved One Who Texts Others While In Your Company!

shocked and angry that your loved one is texting someone else while out with you!


Are you outraged when your loved one texts other people while on a date with you?

Do you feel ignored, slighted, abandoned and or forgotten when your partner spends long periods of time texting other people when you are supposed to be having some together time?

Perhaps you start to feel insecure and feel the need to protect yourself ?

Maybe you begin to have second thoughts about the relationship?

When your stress levels escalate all you  want to do is break up?

Before you act on those doubts, watch this video and learn about what is getting triggered in you and how to deal with it.

Watch this video and get expert advice on how to understand your reaction so that you can communicate your feelings to your loved one in ways that maintain rather than end the connection.

Don’t let your outrage spoil your date or your relationship. Watch the video and learn how to manage the anger, and sense of abandonment before you destroy what was a good thing!




copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

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