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Jealousy can eat you alive if you let it overwhelm you!



Are you eaten up with jealousy when your date, partner or friend gives someone else their loving attention and care?

Do you feel like what belongs to you is being taken away and given to someone else, making you writhe with the pain of jealousy?

Have you blown up and demanded an explanation, a promise and or a commitment that your loved one has to give you exclusive rights to their focus, time, attention, caring and priority?

Then you have no doubt experienced the tension and disruption that jealousy causes when it messes with your important relationships.

Jealousy causes stress. Stress clouds your judgment and makes you behave in ways that you later regret. By that time you have already said or done something that raises the stakes and puts the relationship on an even more precarious footing.

When you are jealous and stressed you are in pain. Terrible, angry, heartbreaking, protesting pain of feeling betrayed and robbed.

Watch this video and find out how to hang onto the feelings of being loved, wanted and valued even when you are not the sole focus of your loved one or friend.

Discover how to feel included rather than excluded and put an end to the pain of jealousy without compromising the special nature of your relationship.



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The day lily blooms for just a day, making room for fresh blooms.
Let your jealousy end at the day’s end and create space for understanding.
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