Is your chronic fatigue linked to stress and painful emotions?

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The diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome stunned Patsy and her husband. How could she have this condition for which there was no physical cause? It just didn’t make sense that her body was suffering real exhaustion and lack of energy when every organ and system was working efficiently. Patsy felt accused of malingering. She felt ashamed to speak about her constant fatigue without having a medical reason for it. Unable to handle the implication that she was a bit ‘screwed up’ and weak, Patsy refused to join a support group. She decided to struggle on and push past the exhaustion.

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Are you worrying yourself into insomnia?

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Simple jobs that took fifteen minutes now seemed to take over two hours and slowed down the entire creative process. Colleagues withdrew as she became increasingly irritable and impatient. Meredith tried to compensate by putting in longer hours but that made matters worse. Her work load increased as mistakes piled up. She had to face the fact that her erratic sleep pattern was having a disastrous effect on her performance.

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Cure insomnia by dealing with anger and relationship stress

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Sleepless nights turned into weeks of irritability and stress. He wished he could stop worrying about his girlfriend’s commitment to their relationship. The thought of restful sleep was alluring, but anxiety kept his mind spinning. He went over their conversations imagining the outcome if he had said one thing rather than another. He was trying to undo mistakes in his mind, or he was way ahead in the future preparing for bad things that may happen. All the good sleep hygiene rules that he followed failed to help him relax and fall asleep. He found it hard to relax and enjoy any moment for fear he would take his eye off the ball and land up in a big mess. Stress induced insomnia, brought on more stress and that in turn made sleeping less likely.

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Is anger the cause of your skin breakouts?

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Jeff the Spa manager asked to speak to Maggie the next day as she started her shift. He wanted to get the skinny on what was brewing among the staff. He trusted Maggie and let her know that her cooperation would be remembered and rewarded. Maggie wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole. She didn't want to snitch, nor did she want to keep Jeff in the dark. He was good to her, and he was paying her salary. She tried to change the subject and talk about new ideas to improve the services of the spa. The phone rang just in time. She escaped, but her face, neck and arms broke out in a raw, red itchy rash.

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The Least Stressful Way yo Break Up With Your Girl/Boyfriend!

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Do you get up your courage to break it off with your girlfriend or boyfriend and then chicken out? Do you regret not being able to go through with what you know you need to do and get angry with yourself? Are you anxious and afraid of hurting your partner's feelings and being the bad guy? Are you praying that your boyfriend or girlfriend will get the message and break up with you instead? Then you are experiencing an overabundance of guilt that leads to stress, insomnia, and lack of concentration on your job. The harder you try to be gentle, give hints, be nice or wait for the perfect moment the worse it gets and your frustration will make you do or say things that make you look like an uncaring monster. So watch this video and get a really good practical tip on making the breakup less personal

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Twelve relationship stress factors that bring on dermatitis

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Sabrina woke up itching with red splotches all over her face, neck, chest and arms. Dermatitis was back, out of the blue. Frustrated with this itchy eczema she went to breakfast determined to be strong and in command when her parents threw questions at her about her health and career. Sabrina decided to by pass that scenario. She didn’t want to feel angry, upset, foolish or small. She put on her tried and trusted battle costume. The one that allowed her to focus her attention and concern on everyone else. That way she could avoid conflicts, protect herself from disappointment, make the family feel good and avoid getting stressed out. It was a sure fire way to succeed and be in full control. Sabrina felt strong and ready to head off any battles before they decimated her sense of efficacy and pride in herself. The eczema outbreak shocked her, and that’s when she decided to discover more about herself and her dermatitis.

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Anger makes you fat and keeps you fat!

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Mimi was successful with diets when she felt strong and an equal player in the world. As soon as that fragile mood was threatened by words of conditional love, put downs, and a dismissal of her opinions Mimi felt naked and vulnerable. Food was the comforter and the weight she gained became a shield against the abuse. The thicker the armor the less chance there was of being destabilized and out of control. The armor plating was solid enough to deodorize the stench of her own chaotic and stinky feelings. The armor did such a good job that she couldn't distinguish between her own mess and that of others. It also bypassed her emotional thermostat so that she never knew when she couldn't take any more of other people's trash. Food was the best way of resetting the switch and lowering the temperature.

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How gender differences in handling stress affects intimacy

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Stress makes it hard to make decisions that are based on sound judgment. Men and women use stress differently when making decision. Their varying strategies cause clashes and conflict that can get in the way of intimacy. Learn how to balance out the gender differences in handling stress during decision making times and get the best of both worlds, that promotes intimacy and strong bonds.

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How Stress Induced Pain can Rescue Your Marriage!

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when one partner wants emotional caring and the other wants actions and tangible evidence of love it causes relationship stress. Marriages and partnerships come under strain. Stress overload makes one or both partner's ill. Illness such as infections and pain can reflect the stress and stimulate a compromise that helps you and your loved find an acceptable point of agreement for giving what is needed and accepting what is offered even if it isn't your preferred or ideal way.

Three ways to prevent self-defeatism from causing relationship stress

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A belief that he should be taken care of without having to indicate his needs made David stressed, sick and disconnected with his wife. There are three ways he can avoid the stress by communicating his needs and boosting his immune system while strengthening his marriage.