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If you are struggling with finding a lasting relationship that you can enjoy no matter how stressful the ups and downs, it’s likely that you have some deep and powerful unconscious rules about what makes people stick together.

You may think that love and attraction are enough to maintain commitment and loyalty but underneath you probably believe that you have to be a certain way, act and think in a specific fashion AND MOST OF ALL that your partner has to do the same. These rules prevent you from giving the relationship a chance to find it’s feet. You can’t even get to first base because your unconscious relationship rules make you heightened to WHAT IS ABSENT rather than build and shape healthy intimacy, trust and security.

THIS VIDEO tells the story of a woman who had numerous relationships that all ended in her feeling unwanted, unloved and pretty hopeless about her romantic life, until she came to relationship counseling and discovered her uncompromising rules that viewed relationships as business transactions. Only then could she reconfigure the rules and allow herself to make more natural and lasting connections.


copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

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