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pale lilac with dark lilac center - Rules About Being Your Partner's Savior Harm Your Relationship - part 7

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Are you in a constant state of anxiety about not  being good enough for your partner?

Do you find yourself alert to everything and anything that may make your partner upset and then try and fix it right away?

Your unconscious rule about rescuing your partner from every tiny negative feeling may make you feel like their personal savior that deserves undying loyalty and commitment, but it actually works against you.

This video tells the story of a newly married man who tried to anticipate and fix his wife’s problems which only made her feel  controlled and manipulated.

He discovered his harmful relationship rule in relationship counseling and has begun to let go of those rules. His anxiety has lessened and his marriage has improved. You can do the same for yourself by watching this video.

copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

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