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yellow sunflower like vine1 - Fear Based Rules About Feeling Secure in Your Relationship Can End It! Part 6

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Do you often wonder if your partner finds you exciting enough or good enough?

Are you constantly worrying about proving your love, commitment and loyalty?

Are you living with the fear that they will find someone better and then going overboard to try and make yourself indispensable?

Then you are probably insecure and have an unconscious rule about how to feel more secure.

That rule may be that you have to fulfill all your partner’s needs so that they will never leave.

Unfortunately it is a fear based rule which only adds stress and conflict to the relationship, making it more likely to end.

You are probably experiencing a never ending cycle of fighting and making up and then fighting again.

This video tells the story of a woman who had such a rule and how it was uncovered in couples therapy, enabling her to deal with her insecurities while airing the tensions around trust, loyalty and commitment that helped keep the relationship stable.



copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

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