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delight in being together 200x300 - How to be happy in a relationship by tuning into your partner's needs

Do you and your partner love each other but feel unhappy in your relationship?

Have you tried all the ways you know to please your partner yet still get the message that you are failing?

That may because men and women want different things in order to feel happy and satisfied in the relationship.

Women in a relationships feel satisfied not when they get spoiled or get gifts but when their pain in understood.

Men hate tuning into women’s pain and upset because it makes them feel bad. They want to cheer the women up which makes things worse.

Men want to know when women are happy, not when they are upset –

Which leads to a big conflict in how men and women operate.

So watch this video to learn how to be happy in relationships, and get your relationship questions answered.

Get the best tips for dating and relating so that you truly empathize and tune in with your date to take the relationship to the next level.



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