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mauve20spiky20bloom - How To Avoid Feeling Attacked When Your Partner Is Venting!

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Do you cringe when your partner starts venting ?

Does it feel like your partner is venting at you and that you just have to take it?

Are you afraid that if you don’t absorb the attack you won’t exist for your partner?

Then you are caught in a tight spot. It’s stressful when power games are at play.

Your wish to be something important even if it is a bag for your partner to dump all their anger and frustration, prevents you from showing up as a human being with feelings, on a equal footing with your partner.

Watch this video and learn how to allow the venting but not let the attack destroy you for the sake of being connected.

Learn how to share the distress without soaking it up and hurting you.

Discover how to turn what feels like an attack into a joint experience of hurt and understanding that leads to mutual comfort and a more satisfying relationship.


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