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tryingto put pieces together2 300x225 - Continual Separating and reuniting doesn't have to threaten your relationship!

The way in which you greet and receive your partner after a separation be it momentary, or for days long, says everything about the health and security of your relationship.

Even the shortest of separations from loved ones can cause stress before and after the actual parting.


Whether you and your partner separate and reunite every day, when one of you leaves the other to go to work,  to make a phone call to someone else or have to make longer trips that involve a chunk of time away from one another, the disturbance in your emotional state can make reunions uncomfortable.

Your intimacy is threatened when separations and reunions challenge the security of your connection.  Blowing hot and cold tears at the threads of the relationship.


The more insecure you are in your relationship the more uncomfortable and stressful the reunion, which may take several minutes, hours, days or weeks to be fully realized.


Fear of being left for good, forgotten, or replaced are the pernicious voices that plague you before the separation and at the time of reunion if your relationship is shaky.

This video tells the story of Mandy who became rejecting of her husband before a planned separation and after he returned. Learn how that damaged the relationship AND discover two ways in which you can prevent the same thing happening to you.


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