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toe to toe fights2 200x300 - Are your personal goals likely to save your marriage or break it up?

Do you feel that your partner is always putting you down and being superior?

Do you want to outdo them at their game?

Are you always in competition with one another about who is the more moral, the greater lover, the better at remembering the important things in life?

Then your goals may be misaligned, causing stress and risk to your marriage.

This video shows you how to detect the motivation behind your goals so that you can evaluate whether your marriage is at risk.

  Next the video illuminates  which type of goals save your marriage and which are detrimental.

The story of David and Sheila who both had opposite goals describes how hard it was for them to have a stable sense of security and trust in their marriage. You can learn from them by applying he goal test and ensuring that you save your marriage.




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