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Four Ways Emotional Intimacy Benefits Your Health

By | August 4th, 2014|Anxiety therapy, Intimacy, relationship issues|

Emotional closeness in a relationship is the key to a stable, secure and satisfying connection that makes a couple more resilient to the stresses and strains of living together. Here are a few benefits that emotional intimacy can provide for couples over the long term: One of the main benefits of intimacy is that it releases the hormone oxytocin which promotes bonding and solidifies the relationship, boosting optimal health.

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Three ways to help your child with stress

By | July 29th, 2014|stress|

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR CHILD'S STRESS? 1. STRESS MAKES KIDS SICK AS ADULTS An article reported in Pediatr Adolesc Med, 2009, indicated that childhood stress that went unoticed and untreated resulted in chronic sickness when these children grew up. A further study published in Neuropsychopharmacology, 2010 revealed that chronic stress resulting in unhappy chilhoods resulted in an elevated inflammatory response to adult stress, weakening the immune system. 2. STRESS MAKES KIDS ANXIOUS AND DEPRESSED WHEN THEY REACH ADULTHOOD

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Five Tips on How To Conquer The Fear of Commitment – Part 2

By | July 21st, 2014|Anxiety therapy, Intimacy|

Which of these options represents your view of commitment? Jail where you give someone someone else the authority in order to make sure you get loved OR Agreement to join forces and walk together along a chosen path, giving and receiving love while maintaining your autonomy. If your heart sank when you chose the first option then you must be fearful of committing and resent having to do it in order to get loved. You don't have to fear that type of commitment any longer. It's all about your perception of commitment - this video shows you how to change it to one where you maintain authority over yourself while allowing yourself to step in and out of another person's life and vice versa.

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Three Ways Anger At Your Partner’s Infidelity Saves Your Relationship – For Good!

By | July 16th, 2014|Affair Recovery Counseling|

It's normal, healthy and appropriate to be furious when you discover that your partner cheated on you. It's good that you get worked up and are full of indignation. It's useful that your angry energy gives you so much adrenalin that you feel you can move mountains. BUT DO YOU WANT TO GO FOR THE JUGULAR AND KILL OFF THE FOUNDATION OF THE RELATIONSHIP THAT HAS BEEN CRACKED OR DO YOU WANT TO TAKE CHARGE, AND RE-CRAFT THE CONNECTION THAT YOU BELIEVED WAS RELIABLE AND STRONG?

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Why Does Your Partner Make No Room For You When You Try to Get Close?

By | July 7th, 2014|Anxiety therapy, Communication Problems, Intimacy, relationship issues|

Are you locked out of your partner's heart no matter how hard you try to make contact? Do you retaliate by locking them out too? Then you are trapped in a cycle of never connecting and feeling insecure and stressed about the status of your relationship. BUT imagine how different it could be if you discovered the fears that your partner had of letting you in close! WHAT IF you could peek into their inner sanctum and learn how scared they were of you seeing their most private parts? YOU COULD FIND WAYS TO KNOCK ON THE DOOR AND BE WELCOMED IN YOU COULD REDUCE THE FEAR AND GET A FOOTHOLD INTO THEIR SOUL YOU COULD GAIN EMOTIONAL INTIMACY, FEEL WANTED, IMPORTANT, SPECIAL AND TREASURED.

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Four Ways To Turn Anger Into Love

By | June 30th, 2014|Couples Counseling|

FOUR FALSE PREMISES ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS THAT MAKE YOU ANGRY AND STRESSED. 1. When you are full of anger and rage that your loved ones don't treat you with respect or consideration, chances are you expect them to read your mind. You are sure that they know what's going on for you and deliberately ignore it, making you suffer. That's what's make you angry and unloving.

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Why Your Partner Rejects You When You Try to Get Close – part 1

By | June 24th, 2014|Anxiety therapy, Intimacy|

Are you ready to give up on your relationship because your partner shuts you out and keeps you out each time you try to connect? Are you fed up with being treated like a monster instead of a lover and a loving partner? Maybe you are wondering what on earth is making your partner push you away and spurn your efforts to get emotionally intimate! This video is the first in a series that takes you behind the curtains and into the soul of your partner - where you can see all the murky fears that make it hard to trust you and let you in.

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Three Ways to Prevent Chronic Stress From Making You Fat

By | June 18th, 2014|stress|

gluttony from stress Are you frustrated and angry that you seem to put on weight just by looking at high calorie foods, while others consume it as if there is no tomorrow and are as thin as reeds? Then you may be under chronic stress that produces a biological marker called NPY that metabolizes your calories differently and makes you gain weight. It's not your fault and there is nothing wrong with you. You have got so used to the stress that it probably doesn't register in the same way it would for someone having a new experience. That's the problem. Your body then has to take over and try and protect you. Unfortunately it does it by making you store fat, and then you feel ashamed, guilty and even more of a failure. Relationship insecurity and helplessness is the most potent source of chronic stress.

The Real Fear Behind Fear of Committment

By | June 11th, 2014|Anxiety therapy, relationship issues|

Are you longing to feel like you have a partner that is a good fit and that you are finally settling down, but wonder why you can't commit? Do you find that the person you are attracted to seems inviting and loving, but that you have doubts about whether there is someone out there even more suitable? Then you are caught in a conflict about what attachment and commitment means to you. One part of you is in touch with the comfort, the love and attention, the togetherness and the bliss of feeling close. But another part of you is scared you will have to give up your right to think for yourself and be your own person. So you end up regretting decisions you make to commit because as soon as you do, it's as if you have just given yourself a term of life in jail.

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Expressing Anger Appropriately is a natural Pain Relief Mechanism

By | June 7th, 2014|stress|

Unable to sleep for the third night in a row, thirty-six-year-old Orrin, an investment analyst, got up and took his prescribed pain killers for his lower back pain and sciatica. The relief was temporary and he awoke from a drowsy state with intense throbbing pain down his right buttock, thigh and leg. His lower back pain made it difficult for him to get out of bed, so he used the cane he kept near him to push himself up. He was angry that the pain medications weren’t working, and even angrier that all the physical therapy and meditative exercises he performed regularly had little to no effect.