Relationship Advice Tips from Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

purple20trumpet20vine1 - Why does your loved one believe a stranger and not you?

photograph copyright Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

It’s upsetting and frustrating when you watch your loved ones getting excited about something they heard from a colleague or an acquaintance, even though you said the same thing not so long ago!

You are probably feeling dismissed and undervalued, never mind ignored and invisible!

The hurt sticks in your throat and you either shut down and give your loved one the cold shoulder or you protest by demanding that you get the acknowledgment you deserve.

You feel thrown aside and the messy feelings don’t get taken care of.

Result = conflict and relationship stress

You feel very insecure in the relationship constricting your desire for intimacy.

Watch this video and learn what is really going on in the mind of your loved one when they go with the other person and not you.

Discover how your loved one’s mind works and appreciate that your feelings of being dismissed are unwarranted.

Learn to manage those yucky emotions and feel proud of yourself again.



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