Relationship Advice tips from Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

contempt - How To Stop A Conversation Turning Into A Fight!

Do ordinary conversations with your loved one turn into battles in the blink of an eye?

Do you find yourself going from talking about something routine that suddenly escalates into an attack and defense mode of communication?

Are you tired of having to compete with your partner for the right to just be yourself without having to worry about messing up the relationship?

Has your relationship become stressful that you are avoiding conversing at all?

If all your conversations are turning into fights and power struggles that no one wins, watch this video and learn what drives the dialogue into battle mode.

Discover what you are both struggling with and take the easy step outlined in the video to stop the fight from ever getting started.

Watch the video and listen for the tip that will open the door to nurturing communication rather than divisive, conflictual and stressful interactions.

Find out how to connect in a way where you can listen and be heard, creating emotional intimacy on both sides – before you reach the crisis that drives you to seek couples therapy in a desperate effort to get validated.


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