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arrangement20of20helichrysum20and20red20achillea - How To Prove That You Are Not The Same As Your Partner's Exes!

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It’s frustrating when your partner keeps expecting you to be the same loser as their ex partner or date.

No matter how many times you remind your partner that you are different it doesn’t seem to sink in.

You feel weighted down by having to prove that you are better, more loving, more considerate and more honest.

You are in a fight to show your good self, but the burden of your partner’s expectations is overwhelming.

Before you erupt in a fit of pique at the blatant injustice of being tarred with the same bad brush – learn how you can stop the unfair expectation in its tracks.

Discover how to rewire your partner’s brain so that you are seen for who you are and not as the same disappointing and uncommitted person they were with before.

Watch this video and get a tip on changing the negative cycle of being compared to your partner’s ex as it’s about to happen and get out from under the weight of your partner’s past relationships.

Make a fresh start and show your partner your golden heart.




copyright Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.


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