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playing20angels20and20devils1 - *(How to manage when your partner loses interest in you!)*

Do you feel like your partner is acting like the devil by losing interest in you the angel?

Does your partner make excuses for not spending time with you?

Do you suspect your partner has found someone more interesting than you?

Afraid that you are being cheated on?

Are you worried and anxious that your relationship is on the rocks because your partner has gone off you?

If you watching your partner like a hawk for signs of infidelity then you have already escalated into believing that your days are numbered.

You are now fighting for your life because trust, commitment and intimacy have been compromised.

Your uncertainty stresses you out, and you are now operating on fear!

You don’t have to act out of fear, jealousy, or anger.

There is a much easier way to manage your feelings about your partner having lost interest in you.

Your suspicions may not be accurate! Don’t torture yourself with negative judgment about your value and worth.

Watch this video and you will discover a way to understand and feel more secure in your relationship that will keep it going.


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