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Do you get hurt and angry when your partner refuses to listen to your side of things when you are in a conflict?

Perhaps you get desperate when your partner has already decided what you did and why you did it, leaving you feeling cheated and unfairly judged.

Naturally you get stressed and make heroic efforts to influence your partner’s view so that they change their minds and see your truth.

But your partner just avoids you. They won’t listen and shut you out.

The harder you try the more crazy they think you are and they just dismiss you, leaving you high and dry, not knowing how the relationship stands.

You don’t know if you have lost trust and love or whether things will just find a way of returning to some baseline that is tolerable.

This video uses the latest research on couples in conflict and gives you the lowdown on how to get your partner to see your side of things when you are engaged in conflict management.

Save your relationship and learn how to manage conflict so that you preserve trust.

Discover how to deal with conflicts in your marriage or your relationship so that your experience and your intentions are recognized and respected by your partner.

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