Relationship Advice Tips on Communicating with Loved Ones by Dr. Jeanette Raymond


giving%20up%20from%20frustration - *(How to get through to loved ones without repeating yourself!)*

Tired of repeating yourself and getting no response?

Have you thrown up your hands in frustration at not being able to get through to friends and loved ones?

Are you mystified as to why your friends and loved ones don’t seem to pay attention?

Does it feel like you are talking a different language?

Are you stressed and anxious that you can’t seem to make yourself heard in a way that matters most to you?


If you find yourself erupting because you have to say the same thing for the millionth time, then you will benefit from the tip I share in the video.

It isn’t the words you use or the content of your message.

It is the way in which you share your experience, your needs and wishes.

Too matter of fact and it goes over the heads of your loved ones. They don’t get touched in a way that makes them listen.

Too much emotion in your expression makes your loved ones disregard your message.


Watch the video and pick up the two pronged communication tip that will end your frustration and make you feel seen, heard, and attended to.

Enjoy success like many others by following Dr. Jeanette’s expert, practical relationship tips.
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red%20yellow%20day%20lili - *(How to get through to loved ones without repeating yourself!)*
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