Relationship Advice Tips from Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

double20pink20hibiscus3 - How to get over that "there's no point" feeling!

double hibiscus incorporates two blooms on one stem!- you can do it too!

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Do you get ready to share your concern, advice or point of view with your loved ones only to stop yourself because you already “know” how they will react?

Thinking that you “know” what will happen in the future means rubber stamping the past on the present before it has even happened.

If you keep the image of your loved one frozen in time, then you can expect them to behave as they did before when you thaw them out with your communication.

But if you keep the image of your loved one fresh and continually evolving and growing with you in your mind, you give both of you a chance to create new connections that are not replicas of the awful past.

Don’t stay in the stale place of old and rotting knowledge! Freshen your palette and learn how different the communication between you and your loved ones can be when you let go of the old visions.


Watch this video and get a tip on using a different approach to begin a conversation when you want to connect and share your opinion or experience.


orange20honeysuckle1 - How to get over that "there's no point" feeling!

Enjoy the sweetness of the honeysuckle when you come out of your castle and connect!


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