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Do you want to break up with your partner but just can’t bring yourself to do it?

Are you wracked with guilt every time you think of telling your partner that you want to end the relationship?

Do you feel ungrateful and selfish because your partner is an angel and hasn’t done anything to deserve being rejected?

What  you want most of all is for your partner to be the one to walk away so you don’t have to be the bad guy.

But that doesn’t happen, so you start being a little bad here and there, hoping your partner will stop loving you and break up the relationship.

This cycle of silent and undercover attempts at breaking up can go on for ever and take up a lot of energy.

You can get depressed and turn into the exact evil monster that you were trying to avoid, just to set yourself free.

Mandy and Chris were both trapped in the same spot.

Learn how I helped them in couples counseling to share their fears, sense of obligation and desperation to get free.

Discover how you and your partner can be up front about your changed relationship needs, and benefit from the relationship counseling I offered this couple by watching the video.



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