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choked1 198x300 - Why You Choose The Wrong Partner Over And Over Again - part 2


Are you getting worried and anxious about the fact that you always seem to get attracted to people who either don’t want you, or that turn out to be nothing like you imagined?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t seem to feel any chemistry with the people who seem to be steady, reliable and solid? OR why if you feel something, it evaporates quickly?

Perhaps you have been in a relationship with someone who treated you well and that you could count on, but then found yourself drawn to someone else who made you tingle and kept your heart bubbling with excitement.

You may be pulled by the need to feel fully alive and on fire – except that reliable partners don’t ignite these feelings in you.

Watch this video and learn about the second reason why you keep getting attracted to, and pick the wrong partner.

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