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locked20out - Where Is Your Spouse When There Is No Response To Your Texts And Calls?


locked out by your partner when they refuse to answer your calls


You had a fight with your partner and they aren’t speaking to you.

Your spouse leaves to stay to with a friend or family member.

You start to worry about whether you should just give it a little time or whether it means that your marriage is going to break up.

After a day or so of not seeing one another, you send a ton of text messages and calls to your partner and get no response for several hours or even a whole day.

 You get anxious and start thinking about who your spouse is with, and what they are doing.

You  start imagining your partner cheating, or forgetting about you

 You find yourself looking back over the last few weeks and months for signs that your partner was lying and cheating that you ignored at the time

Recalling those moments must make you angry and stressed out about being betrayed and manipulated.

You get even more anxious and worried that you were blind. You also get stressed about the fact that your fight may have been the trigger to make your partner leave.

Your fears and stress makes you insecure and you try even harder to contact your partner with no success. You panic and can’t concentrate on anything else. Your life has been hijacked and you feel helpless.

Wouldn’t you like to know why your partner isn’t responding? Wouldn’t you like to know how to find and hang onto your spouse after these rifts?

This video tells you exactly why your spouse ignores your calls and text messages and how to get the reassurance you need.

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