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Just the thought of family tensions, arguments and disappointments can stress you out, fill you with dread and cause fatigue.

Anticipating hurt and misunderstandings while at the same time hoping it will be different this time sets you up for a roller coaster of emotions that make stress worse.

Here are ten ways you can stay in control and minimize the stress that you are expecting.

1. Check in with yourself as you get ready to meet family

What is the picture you are seeing of your relative?

What are you hearing them say to you in your head?

Benefit: you avoid being overwhelmed by negative images in your head.

2. Focus on your relative’s tone of voice and body language.

Benefit: you tune into the present instead of the past.
3. Look at the evidence in front of your eyes and ears.

Benefit: you become less afraid and more open.


4. Raise the volume up for the evidence in front of you.

Benefit: you are more receptive to connecting on a positive note.

5. Turn the volume down for the voices and pictures inside your head.

Benefit: you feel in control rather than victimized.

6. Take a new picture of that  moment in time.

Benefit: you create a fresher and warmer memory.

7. Record a new tape of the conversation in the moment.

Benefit: you rehearse healthy coping skills and lay down a happy memory.


8. Acknowledge the reality that is less awful than you imagined.

Benefit: your relative reacts positively to your openness by being nicer.


9. Adjust your inner picture and voice.

Benefit: your brain is rewired to approach your relative with confidence.


10. Reduce stress and look forward to the next meeting.
Benefit: you stop stress hormones from being released and making you sick, while enjoying a more harmonious experience with family.

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Family Harmony When You Manage Stress Successfully

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