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If you date a lot but still come up short in meeting the right one, it’s not because all the good ones are taken or that you are just picky!

You are probably imposing a ton of strict one-sided rules about how you and a prospective date should behave.

Your protocols strangle the natural flow of chemistry between you, and you end up feeling like you have done your bit, but still come up empty handed once again.

Your clock is ticking out, and you are getting more and more desperate.

Fear no more. Just watch this video and discover how one woman’s constricting rules made sure that she would never be picked by someone who she was attracted to, and how she would never want to respond to a guy who seemed interested in her.

The rules virtually disappeared as soon as she worked with me in relationship counseling therapy and uncovered those unconscious orders she was obeying. She is well on her way now to enjoying dating and finding the right guy.



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