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Are you doing everything right when you go out on a date?

Are you taking all the opportunities to meet prospective partners that may appeal to you?

Have you read all the books and blogs on dating tips or even hired a dating coach, yet still find yourself miserable, lonely and without hope?

Then it’s because you are operating on long held but old unconscious relationship rules that actually stifle your chances of enjoying and progressing with dating.

You aren’t aware of them because they are unconscious, but they rule you and you have little choice about it – UNTIL you uncover the rules and give yourself a reality check!

Watch this video and learn how one man discovered his extremely burdensome personal dating rules that made the whole experience unappealing, so he would just tackle it like a job and couldn’t wait to free himself of the noose around his neck.

Then you too can begin to be curious about your relationship rules and work on freeing yourself so you can be happy and fulfilled.




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