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couple20with20back20to20each20other20in20bed1 - How To Make Your Partner Want To Be Physically Intimate With You!


Are you getting desperate for physical intimacy with a partner who gives you the brush off?

Do you feel deprived and punished by an uninterested and withholding partner?

The insecurity and stress that you experience may lead you to the point of making threats, giving ultimatums and or making demands that come off as anything but inviting.

Before you get to that boiling point, watch this video and get a tip on how to make your partner want to have sex with you as much as you want it.

You can also consider couples therapy to work on the cracks in the emotional intimacy of your relationship, but first:

Take the three steps that I lay out for you and find comfort and joy in a place where both you and your partner as eager for physical intimacy and value it.

Learn how to make your intimate moments rewarding rather than a duty performed by one partner towards an angry and entitled other.




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