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peach20dwarf20gladioli20stalk - How To Feel Wanted Instead of Rejected!

photograph copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

Do you live in fear of rejection?

Are you waiting for the axe to fall as soon as you have found someone that you like and feel close to?

Are the words “here it comes again” ringing in your ears long before your loved one gives you any sign of cooling off?

You are not alone in anticipating rejection in order to protect yourself from the reality of it.

The only trouble is that you may see rejection when it isn’t really there.

You may be tuned into signs of being unwanted because that is what you have experienced before, and now it is your story.

But you can re-write the story and discover how much you are actually wanted and loved.

The tip is in the video. Watch and listen for the one act you have to perform that takes you out of your anticipatory world and into the real world of the dynamic relationship you share with your partner.

Turn your insecurity into security and settle into a comfortable relationship.


copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.


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