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Are you ready to walk out on your partner because you’ve had it with the constant lying and cheating?

Have you had enough of broken promises, things going right for a little while and then being let down again?

Has your faith in your partner been tested beyond your limit?

Then you must have given everything you can into the relationship and feel devastated that your sacrifices have come to nothing.

But you are still wondering if there is any hope left.

Should you give your partner one more chance, a little bit more time, try just once more to prove you are valuable enough for your partner to stay true to you.

In order to answer that question you need to know what goes on inside your partner that makes them genuinely promise faithfulness when you threaten to leave and then act like those words never came out of their mouth a few days later.

You need to know what’s going on inside you that you get drawn to this person and can’t stop trying to convince them of your worth.

Watch this video and learn about the cycle of promises, cheating, let downs and try again efforts that keep you locked in this destructive but addictive cycle and get the low down on how to get out of it so both of you are comfortable with intimacy and commitment.


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