Relationship Advice Tips from Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

If you are considering couples counseling then you must have tried hard to solve your relationship problems by yourself and not got the results you hoped for.

Perhaps you have threatened your partner with couples counseling when it seemed that there was no other option but separation or divorce.

Many couples come into therapy to get validated and feel that their partner is the one that needs the counseling.

Couples therapy rarely works when there is an agenda of blame.

However there is an even more important reason why couples therapy may not work.

It is when the discussion pieces  in the counseling session isn’t maintained from one meeting to the next because the couple don’t realize the importance of practicing the skills of staying connected in a positive way outside of the therapist’s consulting rooms.

Learn how I helped a couple who went from bliss to fury several times a day to hang onto the moments of connection and continue them for longer periods.

Discover the three vital steps you and your partner can take to make sure that you benefit fully from



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