Relationship Advice Tips from Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.


Have you been looking forward to the holidays this Spring but now hate the idea?

As the time approaches, have the thoughts of family squabbles and pressure to please others stressed you out until you would just rather avoid the whole thing?

How would you like to ‘pass over’ the troubled waters of discomfort that comes from tip toeing around family members feelings, compromising your preferences and rehashing old grudges?

Wouldn’t it be nice to resurrect the magic moments that you once had? How would your holiday turn out if you could have a renewing of the strong bonds that make you want to come together with family and romantic partners out of desire rather than resentful duty?

Watch this video and get two tips on passing over the trouble and turmoil of relationship hassle during the Passover and Easter holidays, while refreshing the value you have for one another.



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