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indecision - How To Make That Decision You Have Been Putting Off!

Are you putting off that important relationship decision and hating yourself for it?

Do you get all fired up to make that decision tomorrow but then reach the end of the day with no movement?

Perhaps you are conflicted about the decision because it feels like you have to give up something important and you just can’t get around to making that compromise.

Conflicts that make you feel torn end up paralyzing you to ease the torment, keeping you stuck but hating yourself for not taking the plunge.

The stress of being in limbo can make you ill, and disturb your concentration and sleep.

 Therapy can help ease the pain and burden of conflict, but before you consider it, try the steps I offer in the video below.

This video tells you how to take all parts of you into account so that you don’t feel torn or compromised. Learn how to make the decision easy and invigorate your life.

Watch this video and get moving as you discover the secret to freeing yourself from the paralysis of indecision.

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