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blaming20the20otherCOM035 - How to deal with being blamed for everything!

Do you feel like you are constantly getting blamed for everything that goes wrong in your relationships?

Are you feeling like everything is on you?

Does it make you feel unfairly treated?

Perhaps you try to fight back and get involved in blame games!

Maybe you end up wanting to take revenge and punish your loved ones when you feel unjustly blamed and made responsible for all the bad stuff!

You probably feel angry and upset, wanting to shut down or explode.

Neither way helps you feel validated in the eyes of those that are most important to you.

You end up stressed, waiting to fend off the next attack of blame you anticipate!

There is another way you can deal with feeling accused, blamed and targeted. A way that opens up rather than shuts down dialogue.

Watch the video and get a practical easy tip on how to listen, interpret and react to what comes across as blame.

Discover how to take away the anger, shame and vindictiveness that overwhelms you when you feel blamed.

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