Relationship Advice Tips For People Who Want to Be Loved by Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.


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Pushing away love when you feel you can manage by yourself


Are you actively pushing away love, care and affection without even knowing it?

Do you believe that you deserve love only when you are helpless, sick, lost or unable to manage your challenges?

Do you feel less entitled to care when you are taking care of yourself and feel like you are doing well?

Then you are depriving yourself of being loved  just for yourself rather than your ability to take care of yourself?


You don’t have to wait till you are stressed out before allowing yourself to be cared for!

You don’t have to get to a place of painful suffering before you let your loved ones show their love and care for you!

Watch this video and get a great tip on how to let yourself be loved 24/7 without lifting a finger!



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