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Ten Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

By | September 29th, 2014|Dating, Intimacy|

First dates can make you nervous because you have high hopes but fear being disappointed. You don't know whether you will be good enough for your date, or whether your partner will meet your requirements. All this pressure can wreck your date if you don't get grounded Your date will go fine is you are present in the here-and-now The best way of being present and available for a date is to avoid the following ten things

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Checklist to Tell if You Are In an Abusive Relationship

By | September 23rd, 2014|Abusive Relationship Counseling, Blog|

6 signs of abusive relationships If you are in an abusive relationship you probably don't know it. You don't recognize that your relationship is any different to others or to the one you grew up in. So here is a twelve item checklist to help you discover whether you are in an abusive relationship, so you don't have to suffer like the NFL'S Ray Rice's wife Jany, Ray McDonald's finance, Adrian Peterson's daughter, or Greg Hardy's domestic violence victims.

Imagine Couples Therapy with Ray Rice and His Wife!

By | September 19th, 2014|Anxiety therapy, Intimacy|

The fact that Ray Rice's finance married him despite being physically abused, means that the relationship was and continues to be extremely important to her. When someone is more afraid of losing a relationship than of being abused, they live with stress and insecurity, trying hard to make sure never to anger their partner. But that doesn't mean they have to live like that forever more! Attending couples therapy can make both Ray and his wife relate on a level that keeps their marriage strong but without the threat or experience of physical, verbal or emotional abuse.

Six Ways to Defuse Your Anger When Your Children Fight

By | September 10th, 2014|Parenting Counseling|

It's frustrating when your kids are constantly bickering and you have to be referee. choosing one side or the other often makes you feel bad,and guilty later on. You wish your kids could get on with one another and let you attend to all the other things on your plate. But they don't! They are not invested in harmony or collaboration. They want ownership and control over what they feel is 'right.' So they fight and argue. They battle till they draw blood. And that's when you lose it! One of your children gets hurt, is sobbing uncontrollably and you are now furious at having to take time out to care for the hurt child, chastise the other and somehow bring order to chaos. Your anger probably comes from being forced to intervene. Your expectations of peaceful play were shattered and now you have to take charge and undo the mess.

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Five Benefits of Mindfulness

By | September 3rd, 2014|stress|

1. In his book 'The Mindful Brain', Daniel Siegel describes mindulfulness as being aware of your mind and it's processes, so that you are not operating on auto pilot. 2. Mindful awarness involves reflection of what you are thinking, doing and feeling so that you are conscious of the choices you are making, and can opt for different ones to better your moment to moment, day to day life. Benefit: when you feel irritated and angry you can sense it in your body, as you tune into your muscle tension, teeth clenching and sighing. You can then formulate words to describe your anger, and then share it in the moment. It is experienced as genuine and the interaction can be shaped to include your feelings, adapting the converstion accordingly. You don't store anger and it doesn't build up into stress that makes you sick.

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