Relationship Advice Tips From Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

Ever noticed that no matter how good things feel there is always a bad one lurking in the background?

Do you worry that you maybe regressing and losing the gains you made in dealing with life?

You may try hard to focus on the positive and push away the bad feelings, but it rarely works, unless you numb it out with substances or denial.

There is a good reason for the bad stuff to stick around.

It's not there just to rain on your parade or make life more difficult.

The bad stuff gives you a contrast so that when the good comes you truly enjoy it as it feels different and you value it more.

Without the two opposite poles your emotional life would be stagnant in a never changing pool of murky water and it would rot and fester, making everything feel bad.

So watch this video and learn how to be with the bad stuff and the good stuff simultaneously so that you can appreciate and enjoy the good feelings even more deeply.


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