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single20chinese20lantern20bloom - The Secret To Getting Loved Ones To Believe And Accept Your Facts!

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Do you get frustrated when your friends and loved ones just don’t accept what you are trying to share?

Are you so fired up to connect with loved ones in a place of mutual agreement that you try to back up your facts with evidence from gurus, books and famous people?

Then your anxiety about being in the same place of shared understanding in order to feel connected gets in the way of your credibility.

Learn how your to connect masks the facts and gets you more stressed, anxious and frustrated.

Your loved ones are least likely to listen and accept what you are trying to convey when your anxiety about connecting takes center stage.

They aren’t going to trust that you have something meaningful to offer as you seem more invested in convincing them than believing in your own truth.

Avoid making them wrong and yourself right so that you keep doors open for loved ones to feel safe.

Discover the secret to being confident in what you know to be true and invite your loved ones to join you because it is interesting and useful.

Watch this video and find out how to feed the information in a way that makes you feel believed and accepted.

copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

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