Relationship Advice Tips from Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

Do you want to disappear when you are embarrassed in public?

Are you mortified at a ‘bad’ part of you is being exposed?

If so you probably get embarrassed easily and hate the experience. It can be very stressful and put a big strain on your relationships.

You may wish that you could hide your embarrassment and not be affected by the experience.

Perhaps you long for a thick skin so that you couldn’t be so easily triggered into embarrassment where everyone is aware of your shortcomings and inability to control your embarrassment.

This video gives you a tip on how to handle those uncomfortable embarrassing moments so that you can ride the wave without wishing you were invisible.

Watch this video and develop that thick skin from the inside out, so you never have to be caught out again and suffer the agonies of embarrassment in public.


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