Using dreams to help you manage your personal challenges by Dr. Raymond, Ph.D.

plumbago bloom - A dream predicts your ability to trust in your own talents

photograph copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.


Remember Donna who was conflicted about whether to focus on her looks or her career? She had a harsh censor inside her head that said she had to make impossible choices and virtually paralyzed her. Until   the security guard in her dream helped her to see that she could be both smart and good looking.

The dream again

Donna dreamed that she lived in a beautiful stylish apartment building that had excellent security. She saw a young blond good looking woman approach the security desk claiming to be Donna. But Donna was already in her own apartment! She watched the security guard allow the impostor in without checking the records. Donna showed her anger to the security guard who didn’t know what she was doing wrong. Donna was furious that this bone headed security guard would be so lax. She was even more furious that the security guard had no concern about not doing a good job.

Three days later the dream came true

Donna was asked to do an acting part for a commercial. Normally she would have felt ugly, heavy, unattractive and not fit for the role. But after her dream she allowed her fellow actor to put his arm around her without thinking that she was disgusting to him. She didn’t go through her usual checklist of all the reasons why she shouldn’t be hired, and that she was only being used to make a point about fat people.

anemone purple(1) - A dream predicts your ability to trust in your own talents

photograph copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

Donna is comfortable with herself and shines

Behaving as a balanced security guard she was able to feel good in her own skin. Donna was in the moment and enjoying the job. She was relaxed, had fun and saw that no one was making fun or her, no one was making her out to be stupid, or putting her in any category. Donna saw herself as the others saw her – smart and sexy, funny and serious, hard working and willing to take risks.

Donna learns to be natural and it works!

Donna’s dream about the security guard made her ready for this experience. It showed her that she can trust people’s view of her and be the wonderful talented person that she was. Without having the dream and working on it with me, Donna might well have blown the whole thing.