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Colors in a crystal ball

Do you wish you had a crystal ball that you could look into and find out why you repeatedly go for the wrong person no matter how hard you try to avoid the same mistake?

You may not realize it, but you do – deep inside you there is a shiny crystal ball that your unconscious peers at and it gets very excited when it finds three elements that make it go crazy with desire. You are not in control of these three forces, but you can be, by tuning into this, the third in the series of videos that gives you the low down on the pull that these magnets have on you.

Once you become aware of the three magnetic forces that act in unison ( which is why they are so difficult to eradicate) you will have a chance to pause and bring your healthy self to protect you from these strong and powerful magnets that attract you to the ‘same person’ even though they may look and sound different at first.


No need to be insecure forever. No need to fail onn a continual basis. Learn how little choice you have in how you select partners and change it!

 Watch the video and put the information together with the two preceding videos and you will have the trio of forces that work against you. Then in the fourth video I will give you the weapons you need to defend yourself against these invincible foes!


copyright, Jeanette Raymond,Ph.D

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