Relationship Advice Tips from Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

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Are you tied up in knots with the the stress of trying to persuade your partner to go to counseling for anger issues only to be told that there is no problem?

Have you tried desperately hard to confront them with their lying, substance abuse, financial irresponsibility or drinking and got nowhere?

Do you want  to just walk out of your relationship when your partner calls you the crazy one?

Instead of having a competition for who is crazy and who isn’t , or who has their head screwed on right or wrong, watch this video and learn two ways in which you can get through to your partner about accepting that there is a problem requiring professional therapy.

Just imagine how infuriating and  threatening it is when your partner tells you that you are the one who needs counseling. Well that’s exactly how your partner feels when you suggest they need therapy. They just put up a wall and deny the problems even more.

If you make them feel safe and not judged or demeaned, there is an excellent chance they will actually hear you as caring rather than trying to be superior.

Watch this video and you will discover how to be caring and invite your partner into therapy instead of tearing your hair out and giving up on them.

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