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Do you feel that you can’t speak your mind because it will end in  misunderstandings, fights and hurt feelings?

Are you regretful after you speak your truth because a loved one got upset and froze you out?

Family relationship problems usually revolve around the way you make up after a relationship issue has caused tension, hurt, pain and anger.

Maybe you feel guilty when you do speak your mind and then rush to compensate by being extra attentive to the family member who felt hurt by your remarks.

You give your power to the one who feels wronged and then resent it later when you feel diminished by your enslavement for your daring move to speak out.

The relationship feels burdensome, stressful and heavy, making you want to exit.

You may cut the relationship off to give yourself some relief. But it’s harder to make up later. The effort and work that is needed to bring the relationship back to life is enormous.

So why not learn how to repair family problems by taking care of the hurt before it turns into a gaping and lethal wound?

This video tells the story of a family I helped to repair their family issues while they were fresh, during relationship counseling so that they didn’t have to amputate the connections or act out of guilt in order to feel okay again.




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