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It’s infuriating when your best laid plans fall apart at the last minute.

You had it all going smoothly. You took care of all the snags, got everything prepared in the right order and had all the necessary funds for your plan to succeed.

But then out of the blue it crumbles.

You are angry, bitterly disappointed, and want to give up. The stress wears you out.

This pattern happens over and over again, that just when you are on the point of success and growth you find yourself back at the start line!

Why does this happen to you on a regular basis?

The answer lies in your mixed motives. Like everyone else you have many competing motives all striving for fulfillment. But when you pay attention to one and ignore the others, you sabotage your carefully laid out plan in protest.

You end up having to have a battle with yourself at exactly the most crucial moment in your life. You can’t win because you are pitting one part of you that you approve of against another part of you that you dislike and thought you had buried.

So listen to Evan’s story of ruining himself several times until he came into therapy and worked with me to uncover his underlying motives, learn to give them an equal place at his table and then run to success after success.




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