Relationship Advice Tips from Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

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Is it getting harder and harder for you to talk to your spouse?

Are your moments together filled so much tension that you can’t even sit next to your partner any more?

Does it feel like you just can’t do anything to save your marriage?

You can save your marriage if you get past your fear of communicating what you feel without anticipating being dissed.

Holding in your feelings, thoughts and wishes over and over again weighs you down and makes it harder to get the words out even when you want to.

When you eventually let it out your spouse feels a forceful blast of putrid stuff that was rotting inside you and runs away.

So then you keep it all in again and create a chasm of silence between the two of you.

So learn how to communicate in a way that makes your spouse understand and take you seriously.

Save your marriage by getting a jump start on your marriage problems before you go to marriage counseling.



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