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  • relationship counseling for betrayals, Los Angeles

    Guilt eats away at your insides, making you give power away to your loved ones.

    “ I felt guilty if I didn’t do what my parents said even though I was 30 years old. I was riddled with guilt  if I wasn’t making my husband happy.  I punished myself with guilt if I didn’t look my best in front of my in-laws. Psychotherapy with Dr. Raymond helped me to separate what was truly my responsibility and what I imagined was vital for keeping everyone happy. Now I can enjoy taking care of myself, without guilt, and have discovered that my family are happier because of it.”  Homemaker, wife, mother and artist.

    Are you tortured with guilt if you don’t please others and give into their demands?

    Do you drown in guilt if a loved one gets upset when you speak your mind, or say ‘no’?

    Do you believe that it is your job to make loved ones happy, and writhe with guilt when you cannot?

    Living with guilt means you blame yourself for most relationship breeches and spend a lot of time trying to make amends to fix the problem.

    You are in a permanent state of anxiety and stress about whether you have done the right thing.

    You don’t believe in yourself and work hard to do things to get recognition and validation.

    Relationships are unbalanced making you feel like you have to carry the load.

    You become angry and resentful, making relationships fraught with unspoken tension.

    Instead of looking forward to spending time with a loved one or friend, you are obsessed with pleasing them to rid yourself of stressful guilt.


    Psychotherapy can help you feel worthwhile so that you aren’t plagued with guilt by:


    1. Helping you get a clearer picture of how to exercise mutual giving and taking so the relationship is balanced.

    Benefit: you no longer feel bad if your loved ones don’t like  your decisions.

    2. Helping you develop a sense of identity that isn’t dependent on the approval of others.

    Benefit: you are able to do what is right for you without fearing the wrath of loved ones.

    3. Teaching you how to care for yourself and others in ways that maintain good boundaries and don't get sucked into pleasing everyone else.

    you are treated with respect and gratitude, adding value to the relationship.

    Copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.

    Call 310.985. 2491 to make your appointment

    Live guilt free and feel good about yourself and your relationships


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