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Worry and fear makes you a reassurance addict!




Are you in a constant state of worry and fear that you have done something that will damage your close relationships?

Are you afraid and worried that the axe can come down on you at any minute even if you don’t know exactly why?

Do you  need a lot of reassurance that all is well between you and your loved ones?

Worry and fear about the stability of your relationships causes stress that eats away at your sense of security.

Worry and fear about the strength of your bond in a relationship takes you away from the love and care that can ease your mind.

You end up needing ever larger signs of proof of love and acceptance from loved ones

Your hunger for more proof wears out the patience of your loved ones

 Fractures develop in the connection, making you even more fearful and worried, and so it goes on in a negative spiral.

Psychotherapy can help you manage the destructive nature of worry and fear by:


1.Alerting you to the positive signs of love, stability and security that are present in your relationship.

you will develop another eye with which to view your relationship, offering you opportunities for self-reassurance. Fewer demands on your loved ones make your relationship warmer and smoother.

2. Helping you to make  accurate  appraisals of what is going on in the present moment.

Benefit:  you will be tuned into the evidence in front of you rather than see only what the past has led you to expect.

3. Discovering the source of your relationship anxiety that leads to constant worry and fear.

dealing with the origins of your fear about relationships removes the uncertainty that fuels the worry. You can feel more secure in trusting the motives of your loved ones. You will believe in their love for you, which in turn reduces fears about disconnecting and loss.

Copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D.



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